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Language: English
7 hours on-demand video
11 Lessons
Study Level: Intermediate
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ExtraCourse is the NO.1 SAP UI5/FIORI/ODATA training institute offering the best SAP training in Hyderabad, expert guidance and 100% placement assistance..

Course Details

Coures Name Type Course Duration
SAP UI5/FIORI/ODATA Training 45days
SAP UI5/FIORI/ODATA Training & Workshop
Weekdays 50 hrs 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday 50 hrs 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Weekdays 50 hrs Flexible Timings
Saturday 50 hrs Flexible Timings
Sunday Closed

SAP - UI5/FIORI/ODATA Course Content

  • Overview of SAP Ui5
  • Difference between Webdynpro and ui5
  • Disadvantages of the Previous Technologies
  • Advantages of Sapui5 and how it overcomes the disadvantages of previous technologies
  • Architecture of SAP UI5
  • Understanding each layer of MVC model
  • Overview about WEBIDE
  • Advantages of SAP WEBIDE
  • Creating an Account in HANA cloud.
  • Accessing the WEBIDE using the url.
  • Exercise on Creating a Sample project using WEBIDE
  • Creating the Project
  • Understanding index.html,Shell, Component and manifest.jsonfiles.
  • Understanding the App.view and sap.m.App
  • Detail explanation on Routing
  • Loading the views using routing
  • Exercise on Creating a sample views and understanding the complete flow
  • Creating a view
  • Understanding the view’s Controller
  • Understanding the Controller’s Hook methods
  • Clear understanding on init, on Before rendering , on after rendering and on Exit
  • Exercise on Creating a sample view and Implementing controller methods
  • Working with different properties of basic UI elements
  • Dynamically changing the properties of the UI elements
  • Exercise on Dynamically changing the properties of the UI elements
  • Over view on navigation
  • Recap on Routing
  • Creating Two views for the navigation
  • Configuring the Routes and Targets for the views in manifest.json
  • Navigate from one page to other using routing
  • Navigate from one page to other using URL Pattern
  • Exercise on Navigation between the pages
  • What is a Layout
  • Various Layouts in SAP UI5
  • Working with Simple form layout , Matrix layout , Grid Layouts
  • Working with HBOX, VBOX, Flexbox
  • Working with Panel , Icon tab bar
  • Working with Object Header
  • Displaying the form using 2 column and 4 columns design.
  • Exercise on Creating a Form Using various layouts
  • Types of Validation
  • Exercise on Mandatory data validation
  • Exercise on valid data validation (like.. email, phone number , pin code)
  • Exercise on Showing red color input field and error messages
  • Various types of Messages in SAP UI5
  • Showing Error, SUCCESS, Warning , Information Messages
  • Exercise on Showing various messages in SPA UI5
  • JSON Model
  • OData Model
  • Resource Model
  • Working with all Models and understand when to use which model.
  • Understanding the Binding Concept
  • Various types of Binding
  • Property Binding
  • Aggregation Binding
  • Element Binding
  • Exercise on Binding the UI elements with bothJSON and ODataModels
  • Different ways of passing data from one view to other
  • Passing the data using json Model
  • Passing data using Model + binding concept
  • Passing data using Router with parameter
  • Passing data using element binding concept
  • Exercise on Passing data from one view to other in various ways
  • Overview on different Categories of UI elements like (simple , value holders , complex , layouts, dialog etc ..)
  • Reading data and setting data from and to the UI elements
  • Working with drop downs , combo box, multi combo box
  • Working with radio buttons , check box and value help (F4 help)
  • Working with Tables and List Ui elements

Practical Exercise on all these  UI elements

  • Introduction to Fragments
  • Using Fragments for Popup dialogs using dialog UI element
  • Implementing F4 help functionality using Fragments
  • Exercise on PopupDialogs
  • Creating OData project using SEGW T code
  • Importing the fields from DDIC
  • Mapping the CRUD operations to corresponding Function modules
  • Implementing CRUD operations using DPC extension classes
  • Generating the service
  • Testing the service using entity sets and URI conventions
  • Creating OData Model to communicate with OData service
  • Pulling and submitting data with Backend system using OData service
  • Performing the CRUD Operations(create, read, update, delete)
  • Exercise on CRUD operations using OData service


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