ExtraCourse is the NO.1 SAP training institute offering the best SAP ABAP training in Hyderabad, expert guidance and 100% placement assistance..

Extra Course is a best SAP ABAP training institute in Hyderabad. We offer 100% practical driven program through our unique experimental learning, focus on comprehensive practical approach. We follow a holistic curriculum which has been designed by Industrial experts in a systematic approach from the beginner’s level to a more advanced study.

Key Highlights

  • Daily Assignments
  • Clarify doubts on the previous classes and/or assignments
  • All classes will be recorded and sent to you on the same day
  • Recorded sessions for permanent Access
  • Live Server Access for Practice (10 Months)
  • Comprehensive coverage of each topic that is promised
  • Resume Preparation Support
  • Job Search Tips (work at MNCs)
  • Interview Questions List

Course Details

Course Name Type Course Duration
SAP ABAP Training 2.5 Months
SAP ABAP Workshop 1 Month
SAP ABAP Training & Workshop 3.5 Months

SAP ABAP Training Approach

Its a classroom and online training.

Our focus will be on hands-on-practical-experience. Hence our focus is given to practical. Initially trainer explains the concepts as a theory and demonstrates the same on live on system. At the end of the day, students are expected to work on certain tasks as a part of assignment. And doubts will be cleared in the next session along with the review session on the task performed.

Our Faculty

Mr. Bhanu SAP ABAP Certified Consultant with 12+ years of experience in ABAP, Adv ABAP. OOP’S, Workflow and Projects. He has trained more than 500 students and placed more than 100 students in a single try in big MNC’s like …………………………
His main focus for his students to get complete knowledge on the subject in a practical approach.

SAP ABAP Course Content

  • Local/Package (TR).
  • Data Types.
  • Structure / Internal tables / Clears / Refresh / Free/ Append Structures / Loops./ Do’s
  • Parameters/ Select-Options / /Ranges/ Version Management/ Change history log.
  • Control break statements/Events
  • Joins and for all entries.
  • Selection screens with Check boxes and Radio Buttons.
  • Modularization Techniques.
  • Selection Screen validations/ Messages.
  • Types of Function Modules.
  • Report Events.
  • ABAP memory and SAP memory.
  • File operations. (Presentation server and Application server).
  • Parallel Cursors.
1.Reports(Classical, Interactive and ALV) 6
2.Oops(All Core topics) 6
3.DDIC 4
4.LSMW(Recording) 1
5.BDC (Session, Call Transaction and table control) 3
6.Enhancements(User /Customer /Screen Exists, Badi’s, Enh.Framework) 6
7.Scripts 3
8.Smart forms 5
9.Adobe 5
10.Module Pool 4
11.BAPI 4
12.RFC 1
13.ALE/Idoc’s 7
  • During topics explanation, Daily assessments and candidates will be given real time scenarios and get the objects done.
  • Object life cycle explanation.
  • Documents preparation like TS/TSD, UT document, CRC document, Signoff reviews etc.
  • Information on Ticketing tools which are being used in real projects.
  • Resume preparation.
  • Technical and general (including communication, confidence, body language)
  • Pre skill Evaluation
  • Customized course content depending on the student’s vision and need.
  • Real time project development implementation guidance
  • Real time maintenance/support project guidance
  • Exposure of Corporate working Style
  • Submitting Client deliverables
  • Job preparation assistance
  • Orientation on corporate etiquette
  • Ticketing Tool Handling
  • Placement assistance (Resume preparation, soft skill assessment and mock interviews)
  • Extended Technical assistance even after completion of the course as applicable
  • Flexi class timings, which will not alter any of your college or leisure timings.
  • Customized syllabus and real time project to match the needs of each student which is required for his job specification and job profile.
  • Dedicate mentor allotted to each individual needs of the candidate.


As manufacturing labs synthesize and carves all the available raw materials to perfect product, Sciens combines many different skills of a person and imbibe its expertise and experience in a unique model and finally fabricates confident industry standard IT Professional.,


Transforming a technical individual to a skilled professional who meets the all round demand and requirements of Information Technology.


Technical and general (includes communication, confidence, body language) pre skill evaluation is done through technical discussions, tests or problem solving tasks.Mentor can include customized content depending on his vision and student’s need.

Expectation of course completion is set in prior.


Sciens unique workshop model is derived from the same blue print for all technologies and students.

Feedback on progress is given at regular intervals.

Real Time Orientation:

  • Methodologies followed
  • Architecture styles
  • Division of modules for a sample project
  • Details on implementation life cycles
  • Documents used for work delegation
  • Exchange of information between different layers of hierarchy from      client to developer.
  • Communication flow and protocols followed hierarchies
  • Tools used
  • Repository systems
  • Deployment strategies and different environments of deployment
  • Applying real time implementation on Mini project

Interview Orientation:

  • Resume preparation
  • Communication skills assessment
  • Various interview scenarios and corresponding tips to track the interview
  • Mock Interview & Feed back


Evaluation of amount of synthesize is done for transformation to IT  professional through ScienthesizeWorkshop and re designing the course by incorporating areas of improvement.

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