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Holistic Curriculum | Complete Practical Driven Learning | Real Time Projects | Be a Future Ready

Key Highlights

  • Curriculum is curated by Industrial Experts in PTC Windchill
  • Extensive study on real time projects
  • Handouts, Exercises and Assignments on each and every topic in PTC Windchill
  • Work on Real-time scenarios
  • 100+ Hands on Practical Assignments
  • Real time work on currently running projects
  • Resume preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • All classes will be recorded and sent to you everyday
  • Get Certified

What you'll learn

1.Create and customize layouts
2.Manage change request and change notice.
3.Deploy tasks like content replication, file vaulting.
4.Debug the services of windchill.
5.Set windchill peripherals and work-flows for performance.
6.Learning proposals for access control.

Course Duration

Course Name
Course Duration
PTC Windchill

PTC Windchill Course Content

  • Windchill PLM Overview.
  • Understand the Windchill PDMLink environment and terminology.
  • Create Organization, Products, and Library.
  • Participant Administration User & Group Management.
  • Assign product and library creators.
  • Create and Manage Folders.
  • Create and manage Parts, Parts structures.
  • Concept of Windchill views.
  • Create and manage documents, documents Structure. Create reference link, describe link .
  • Create EPM Document, Concept of workspace, Create and manage Object in workspace.
  • Concept of Iteration, Version, Revision, Checkout, Checkin, Revise, Delete actions.
  • Create and Manage Products, Library Team.
  • Add user to Role, Add Group to Role, assign a group to another Group.
  • Create and manage document templates within product, library, and organization contexts.
  • Understand the Windchill PDMLink Promotion process and change update promotion preferences.
  • Understand the Windchill PDMLink Change process
  • Introduction to Type and Attribute Manager.
  • Extending OOTB Windchill Types, Assign new Icon to Soft type
  • Create Global & Standard Attributes, Alias Attributes,
  • Customization of Layouts, Hide Attributes from different layout
  • Adding Constraints to Attribute.
  • Calculated Attributes, Graphic Attributes.
  • Create and manage Object initialization rules
  • Create Custom OIR, Configure manual numbering, auto numbering, custom Versioning scheme, Lifecycle in OIR
  • Understand the Windchill domain policy architecture
  • Define access control policies to Customized Soft Type
  • Identify individual access control permissions, Ad Hoc access control
  • Understand  Windchill Profiles and Access control Uses.
  • Export Soft Type with Attributes, Definition exporter.
  • Create Custom Versioning scheme, load, read custom sequence .
  • Understand LoadFromFile and LoadFromSet Utility
  • Enable Configurable link
  • Navigating to different preference
  • Customization Lifecycle and Workflow, Associate life cycle and workflow to Soft Type.
  • Use Context Teams and team templates to conduct workflow role resolution.
  • Create a Custom Lifecycle States and Roles using EnumCustomize Utility
  • Overview of Windchill Objects Table and their links.
  • Understand how data gets updated in Windchill. Create SQL queries to retrieve the data.
  • Windchill Shell, xconfmanager utility & Understand Different Properties Usage.
  • Registering the Custom Properties, Deleting and updating entries in Custom Properties
  • Eclipse project configuration, Windchill API Walkthrough & wtsafearea concept
  • Overview of  Windchill Service Framework and register using xconf file
  • Query Result ,QuerySpec, statement spec ,search condition
  • Create methods for getting attribute values, setting iba values
  • Customization Event Listener and Register a Listener
  • Create a custom preference and use it in java program
  • Create a program for  Windchill listener to work only for specific container.
  • Customizing DB Column length for WTPartmaster, Increase length for number.
  • Customizing Rule algorithm for Object Number.
  • Create a  Windchill Stand Alone Utility Program using RMI connection
  • Overview of Action and Model, Create Custom actions and Custom model files
  • Create a Resource Bundle File for custom actions Using Annotation
  • MVC Overview, Understand MVC components. jcaDebug Utility
  • Create Table builder and display All product parts details, property and Attribute panel.
  • Overview of Data Utilities &Registering the Data Utilities, Calling a DataUtilites from MVC table.
  • Overview of Form Processor and understand different phases of Form Processing.
  • Create custom action and Register Form Processor in Action and model
  • Form validation, Action validation, Custom validations