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ExtraCourse is the NO.1 Power Query & Power Pivot training institute offering the best Power Query & Power Pivot online training in Hyderabad, expert guidance and 100% placement assistance..

Extra Course is a best Power Query & Power Pivot training in Hyderabad. We offer 100% practical driven program through our unique experimental learning, focus on comprehensive practical approach. We follow a holistic curriculum which has been designed by Industrial experts in a systematic approach from the beginner’s level to a more advanced study.

Holistic Curriculum | Complete Practical Driven Learning | Real Time Projects | Be a Future Ready

Key Highlights of Power Query & Power Pivot online training

  • Curriculum is curated by Industrial Experts in Power Query & Power Pivot

  • Extensive study on real time projects

  • Handouts, Exercises and Assignments on each and every topic in Power Query & Power Pivot

  • Work on Real-time scenarios

  • 100+ Hands on Practical Assignments

  • Real time work on currently running projects

  • Resume preparation

  • Mock Interviews

  • 100% Placement Assistance

  • All classes will be recorded and sent to you everyday
  • Get Certified
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What you'll learn

  1. What you’ll learn
  2. Intro to Power Features
  3. Working with Power Query
  4. Combine with Power Query
  5. Invoking Custom Functions
  6. Transformation Techniques
  7. Data Modelling Concept
  8. Usage of KPI

Course Duration

Course Name
Course Duration
Power Query & Power Pivot
25 hrs

Power Query & Power Pivot Course Content

1. Versions and Compatibility
2. Intro to ETL Concepts
3. Around Get & Transform Data Tab

4. Power Query Editor and User Interface
5. Manage Columns and Rows
6. Transform Table, Column etc
7. Transform Text, Number and Date Columns
8. Column from Example vs Flash Fill

9. Append Queries
10. Case Studies on Append Queries
a) Many Tables Data from Same Worksheet
b) Data from Different Sheets of Same Workbook
c) Data from Difference Workbook
d) Data from Multiple Sheets of Different Workboooks
11. Concept of Merge
12. Different Types of Joining Queries
a) Left Outer Join
b) Right Outer Join
c) Full Join
d) Inner Join
e) Left Anti Join
f) Right Anti Join
13. Fuzzy Matching
​14. Practical Case Studies

15. Importing of Excel Files
16. Importing of Text Files
17. Connecting to the Folder
18. Connecting to the Web Pages

19. Concept of Split with delimited, positions, characters
20. Concept of Unpivot and Pivot
21. Concept of Group by
22. Using Standard transformation features
23. Practical Case Studies
24. Diff b/w Transform Tab vs Add Column Tab
25. Duplicate vs Reference Query

26. Intro to M-Formula
27. Understanding the “” statements
28. Writing Custom Functions
29. Invoking Custom Functions
30. Practical Case Studies

31. Intro to Power Pivot
32. Data Modeling Concept
33. Relationships in Pivot Tables
34. Calculated Item and Calculated Field in traditional Pivot Tables
35. Calculated Column vs Calculated Field (Measures)
36. Intro to Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
37. Important DAX Formulas and Functions
38. Practical Case Studies using Power Pivot
39. Usage of KPI