ExtraCourse is the NO.1 Marcos and VBA training institute offering the best Marcos and VBA online training in Hyderabad, expert guidance and 100% placement assistance..

Extra Course is a best Marcos and VBA(Visual Basic for Application) training in Hyderabad. We offer 100% practical driven program through our unique experimental learning, focus on comprehensive practical approach. We follow a holistic curriculum which has been designed by Industrial experts in a systematic approach from the beginner’s level to a more advanced study.

Holistic Curriculum | Complete Practical Driven Learning | Real Time Projects | Be a Future Ready

Key Highlights of Marcos and VBA online training

  • Curriculum is curated by Industrial Experts in Marcos and VBA

  • Extensive study on real time projects

  • Handouts, Exercises and Assignments on each and every topic in Marcos and VBA

  • Work on Real-time scenarios

  • 100+ Hands on Practical Assignments

  • Real time work on currently running projects

  • Resume preparation

  • Mock Interviews

  • 100% Placement Assistance

  • All classes will be recorded and sent to you everyday
  • Get Certified
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What you'll learn

  1. Security Control in Excel
  2. Recording Macros
  3. Visual Basic Editor
  4. Concepts in Coding
  5. User Defined Functions
  6. Working with Arrays, Folders and other Files

Course Duration

Course Name
Course Duration
Macros & VBA
25 hrs

Macros & VBA Course Content

1. File Types of Excel
2. Security Control in Excel
3. Understanding the Cell References

4. Understanding the Concept of SOP
5. Recording and Storing Macros
6. Relative Reference Macros
7. Interchangeability of Macros among files
8. Practical Case Studies

9. Introduction to Visual Basic Editor (VBE)
10. Projects, Properties etc.
11. VB Color Guidelines
12. Object Model of Excel for VBA
13. Objects, Properties, Methods etc

14. Code to Write in Cells
15. Reference to Ranges, Worksheets, Workbooks etc.
16. Concepts of Variable, Declaration, Scope etc.
17. Understanding the Data Types

18. With End With Statements
19. For Each for Loops
20. If Statements
21. Select Case Statements
22. Concept of Looping
23. Usage of Functions
24. Message Box Vs Input Box
25. Debug of the Code

26. Function Procedures
27. Building User Defined Functions
28. Case Studies on UDF

29. Working with Arrays
30. Working with Folders and other Files
31. Working with Pivot Tables of Excel
32. Worksheet and Workbook Events
33. Building the User Forms