Key Highlights

  • Definitions and Origins
  • Types of Distributed Consensus
  • Purposes and Uses Cases
  • A brief introduction to Consensus mechanisms [Proof of Work/Mining/Proof of Stake]
  • Introduction to Smart Contracts
  • Smart Contract Use Cases and Platforms
  • A brief history of smart contracts hack
  • Hashing Functions
  • Wallets
  • Mnemonic Keys
  • Ethereum Architecture
  • Ethereum block explorers
  • Components of a Transaction
  • API, Nodes, and Clients
  • The Architecture and Concepts of Ethereum
  • Tools for the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Solidity language description
  • The layout of State Variables in Storage
  • Layout in Memory
  • Contract ABI Specification
  • Compiling a Contract
  • Deploying a Contract
  • Interacting with a Smart Contract
  • Types of Vulnerabilities
  • Transactions on Ethereum in depth
  • Integer overflows and underflows
  • Race conditions in ERC20
  • Access controls
  • Re-entrancy
  • Transaction ordering dependence (TOD) and front running
  • Library design flaws
  • Introduction to static analysis using Slither/
  • Introduction to dynamic analysis using Echidna
  • Audits
  • Exploiting Ethereum Smart Contracts (Ethernet)
  • Case Study: The DAO Hack
  • Understanding cross-bridges and their flaws
  • Lessons from the Wormhole Exploit

What you'll learn

1.Reports and Analytics Code
2.Key Business supplies and Key presentation Indicators
3.Custom Traffic Variables, Traffic Features and Functions
4.Custom adaptation Variables, Conversion Features and Functions
5.Information Tools
6.Approval and Troubleshooting

Course Duration

Course Name
Course Duration
Adobe Analytics
40 hrs
Adobe Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Training & Workshop