Azure Datafactory

Course Curriculum

Service/Technology Topic sub topics
Basics Introduction to Data Engineering
Python,SQL and Azure Portal Access
ADF Introduction to ADF V2 Why ADF?
How to create a data factory?
Practice basics of ADF practice creating Linked services, Datasets, gobal parameters, and a simple pipeline
understand navigation of pages in ADF portal
Activities Session 1 Move and Transform
Activities Session 2 General
Activities Session 3
Activities Session 4
Activities Session 5 Iteration & Conditionals
Activities Session 6
scenario based pipeline building Building pipelines using above mentioned set of activities
Theoritical & Practice
Real time project showcasing Showing a real time project pipelines
Debugging debugging pipeline failures

What you'll learn

1.Reports and Analytics Code
2.Key Business supplies and Key presentation Indicators
3.Custom Traffic Variables, Traffic Features and Functions
4.Custom adaptation Variables, Conversion Features and Functions
5.Information Tools
6.Approval and Troubleshooting

Course Duration

Course Name
Course Duration
Adobe Analytics
40 hrs
Adobe Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Training & Workshop