Organize your job search

Organize your job search

Nothing is worse than not being prepared to receive a phone call from a company that you’ve submitted your resume to. Its highly unacceptable when an HR from a company calls and you don’t have any idea about him.

If an HR calls you and you don’t have any recollection of sending him your resume, he will probably end the call pretty quickly and not schedule a face-to-face interview with you – no matter how great your qualifications are. The fact that you don’t know him, or that you don’t remember sending him your resume tells him that you are looking for just any job, and that you haven’t done any research or put much effort into your job search. It speaks volumes about your work habits and what they can expect from you as an employee. They want candidates that know their company and applied to the company – not just the job.

Chances are good that when you are conducting a job search, you are sending out many resumes. So how do you keep it all straight? Simple – stay organized!

Every time you submit your resume, you should do some research on the company you are applying to. These days, it’s so easy to do that – almost every company has a web site. It doesn’t take long to check out a web site and read some information. You should look at the web site and see what kind of feeling it gives you about the company. Do you like the colors? Does it look professional? Check out their mission and values statement. Do they even have one? If not, that might be a red flag. Does their mission make sense? Does it fit in with your values, and what your long-term career goals are?

You don’t have to memorize the company history, but give it a glance and see where they’ve been and how much growth they have enjoyed over the time they’ve been in business. Also, check out their news page. See what they are working on, or, what their recent accomplishments have been.

Another thing to do is print out their home page. Doing this research will not only give you insight into the company, but it will help you remember them once you have sent in your resume.

Now that you have determined that this is a reliable, reputable company, go ahead and submit your cover letter and resume.

Always tailor your cover letter to each job that you are applying for. Don’t ever use a common response. You run the risk of quoting the wrong job description, or worse, the wrong company.

Be sure and use the company’s preferred method of applying, and if they require information from you like salary requirements, include that in your response. Also, if they ask you to reference a job code when applying, use it. In other words – follow instructions. If you don’t, it tells the recruiter that you do not pay attention to details, and that may be enough to get your resume passed over before the recruiter even lays eyes on it.

Once you submit your resume and cover letter, print them out, along with the job post. Put all of those things, and the company’s home page into a file folder and file it somewhere that you can grab it quickly when the company calls you. Nothing impresses them more than when they call a candidate and they know exactly where they calling from and which position it is that they applied for. It’s also impressive when you tell them you’ve read through the company’s web site, and have a couple of questions for them. Most of the time, when this happens, they call the candidate in for an interview – and that’s the goal of submitting your resume in the first place!

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