How to prepare for a interview

How to prepare for a interview

 How to prepare for a interview

This article will help you prepare for a C# interview. The following steps help you gear up for the technical interview so read them clear and understand what you need to do before appearing.

Brush up on your C# skills: Types, Variables, Expressions, Control Statements, Classes, Class inheritance, Methods, Method Overloading, Constructors and Destructors, Polymorphism, Properties, Indexers, Structures and Exception handling. Also, go over Interfaces, Delegates, Events, Generics, and Multithreading. Spend some time reading these topics on the MSDN library. Also, search the web for sample C# interview questions. Here are a couple of sites that have C# interview questions:

Go over the main ADO.NET classes: Connection, Command, DataReader, DataAdapter and DataSet. Print out some code, such as methods you’ve written to execute inline sql statements as well as calls to stored procedures. Make sure you can describe how you would retrieve data from a database table, from declaring the connection string, to opening the connection, to processing the data, to closing the connection (all within a try-catch-finally statement.) Also go over how to use the command object to execute inline SQL statements and, alternatively, to call stored procedures. Moreover, review how to pass parameters to stored procedures, and how to receive the data back into your method. Finally, brush up on control data binding. For instance, review how to bind a DataReader to a DropDownList by using the DataSource property of the control and calling the DataBind() method.

Brush up on general .NET concepts: Memory management, Garbage Collector, Managed Code,

Common Language Runtime, Microsoft Intermediate Language, Just In Time Compiler, Namespaces, Assemblies, and Version Management. Be able to describe the difference between a Namespace and an Assembly. Also, review the System.Object base class. Moreover, go over .Net Remoting.

Go over Windows Forms GUI concepts: creating a Windows Form, using controls on forms, handling events from controls, firing events, input validation, loading controls with data, and creating custom controls.


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