What To Do If You Receive No Reply After An Interview

What To Do If You Receive No Reply After An Interview

Most of the job seekers send resumes to the companies and keep waiting for the response from the employer after an interview. However, sometimes, there won’t be any reply from the employers. Here is something to do if you are one of them who don’t receive a reply after sending your resume.


During my job search, I worked very hard to treat potential employers with courtesy and respect. After all, they wouldn’t hire me if I made vague statements, didn’t follow up, didn’t show up on time, or didn’t follow through on my commitments. However, the more I show respect, the less respect I seem to receive from employers. Once I had an interview at 1:00 p.m. and was left waiting in the lobby till 1:30 p.m. I was told the interviewer was still at lunch.

When I submit my resume, I sometimes don’t even receive an acknowledgment of my submission. Most recently, I was interviewed and told I would hear back with a firm offer in a week. That was three weeks ago. I’m waiting by the phone, but this passive, eager-beaver behavior isn’t my style. I feel like if I rebel and raise heck, I might get more attention. What should I do?


Don’t worry! It is better if you call the company and request for an update from them regarding your interview response. Sometimes, when you give a call, there would be some worst-case scenarios like, ‘Oh sorry. We were about to accept you, but then you showed that you have the nerve, and the backbone, to call us for an update, and when we saw that we changed our minds.’

If you notice this thing, don’t feel bad. You have two new things now: First is, the above case would rarely happen and the second, if you get such response that means, this isn’t the right job for you. Because you are gonna work with the company for a long term. Though job seekers are always asked to please the employers and the company, that doesn’t mean you have to put a full-stop on your bold nature of asking things directly. Always be realistic and stand up yourself. ‘Give respect and Take respect’. In the second case, just move on!

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