Its about you and your Interview

Its about you and  your Interview

Confusion, anxiety, tension and fear are common for a person who is appearing for his first interview. The most common reason for this is no preparation, if you don’t prepare well before, you are bound to get confused sitting on the candidate’s table about the do’s and don’ts of interview and lower your chances to get hired.

Some of the guidelines are given below, always try to keep them in mind and follow them, because it can get you success.
” If you fail to prepare properly, you prepare to fail.” one of the worst thing you could do is go for an interview badly prepared. Ask yourself; would you hire a person who didn’t know much about your company? This shows a laid back and careless attitude and In order to be at an advantage, you have to find out as much as you can about the interviewer(s): Find out about the company, their business, and the position for which you’re being interviewed. Prepare for the questions they’re likely to ask you, as well as the questions you would like to ask them. Visit the library or use the internet to research the company, and then talk with friends and other professionals about the opportunity before each meeting. Prepare yourself so as to clear all the hurdles and not get stuck.

”First impression is the last impression” Many candidates do not consider their appearance as much as they should. First impressions are quickly made in the first three to five minutes. Dress neatly, soberly and show that you are a professional. Every company has its own dress and grooming code standards. The appropriate attire and grooming (e.g.,
length of hair, and use of cosmetics and jewelry or dress colors and style (Indian or western)) is generally what you see around you in the office. If you’re in doubt as to what to wear for your interview, try and pay an anonymous visit to their facility during lunchtime and take a look around or ask your friends or people you know are working in that company. That should give you a good idea! If you expect the interview to last several hours, plan to wear clothing that will look neat all day. If it’s raining, protect your outfit with reliable rain gear. Get your clothes ironed and keep it ready in advance, so that you don’t waste your time to select a dress on the day of the interview. Do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to appear disheveled.

”Arriving late can make your career Late” 1 wrong move will be highlighted in 100 right moves. So on the day of the interview, leave enough margin for error to avoid any possibility of delay. No one will remember your excuse for being late, only that you were late because bad things are always highlighted. If you are unavoidably late, offer a sincere apology just once, and then let it drop. If Interview is in morning try to sleep early the previous night so that you don’t make it late. Keep your things arrange a day before so that on the day of interview you don’t forget anything and get late finding it.

”When your Confidence increases, your competence increases” Life is more demanding today, and you are required to be confident and competent. Ask this questions before you go for the interview-Are you confident of your ability to meet responsibilities entrusted to you? Would you hire someone like you? If not, then you need to learn to appear as competent and confident as you would like others to believe you are. Of course, feeling confident doesn’t automatically make you competent, but it does create an atmosphere that is conducive to success. On the other hand don’t be over confident also, Sometimes, candidates may come across as arrogant and “know it all” in their approach. It may turn off the interviewer, and you must keep in mind that while they can afford to be self-centered, candidates

“Success is more attitude than aptitude” ”Attitude is everything” .Always have a positive attitude and a smiling face- it’s a good habit to develop and maintain it. You should go for an interview with enthusiasm and an open mind while presenting yourself in an upbeat and professional manner. If you decide during the interview that you don’t want the job, or that you may not be sufficiently experienced or qualified to receive the offer or if the package is less etc, don’t adopt a negative attitude. Continue to manifest a positive attitude.

”Your Inconsistency, can make others lose confidence in you” Be firm and consistent with the answers – people who will be interviewing you are usually old hands at the job. They are quick to notice inconsistencies, hesitations, and uncertainties. They may challenge something you say just to see how you respond. If you back off, change, justify, qualify, and overexplain, or retract what you said earlier, they may suspect that you’ve been exaggerating or lying to them, and are likely to probe further. When an interviewers respond to your statement with a skeptical looks, a pause, or a comment, like “Really?”, you’ve got to keep your cool. Just smile politely, nod, and wait for them to continue. If you become uncomfortable, you can always ask, “Have I answered the question to your satisfaction?”, or “Was there anything else you wanted me to talk about?” Don’t speak fast it shows nervousness, think and speak slowly, it will nullify mistakes.

”You cannot Listen if you are talking – and if you are talking you are not learning”
Listen carefully and speak precisely and to the point. A successful interviewee read the interviewers tone and gestures and responds accordingly. This means paying attention, and knowing when to continue, change direction, or stop talking. Avoid potentially controversial and overly personal issues. When you see the interviewers attention lagging, change the topic or (better still) ask a question. Don’t get carried away with the sound of your own voice. You should be not very loud or low, always be clear and audible. Pay attention to the interviewer’s questions and line of conversation. Bear in mind that what they want to hear is more important than what you may want to say. This means your emotions and values are not as important as theirs.

” Anger is one later less to danger” Your anger can be your hanger, so No matter what happens, don’t lose your temper. Even if you don’t really need the position, remember that your reputation may precede you to your next interview. Companies have contacts and they can pass good or bad word to other about you, as per your temper and conduct with them. If you do react, do so with control and resolve, so that you won’t regret your behavior afterward. If you are being interviewed for a high-level or high-pressure position, you may be subjected to a pressure interview. This can take the form of making you wait, having the interview interrupted (once Several times), inappropriate conversation or questions, and even rudeness or hostility. Most Likely, you will never be subjected to such tactics, although some unpleasant situations (especially being kept waiting) can arise without intent.

” Never Negotiate out of fear, but never fear to negotiate” If you get the offer, at some point you will have to negotiate your compensation package and any other benefits. Make sure that the terms of your employment, including responsibilities, reviews, and related conditions are defined and that you have a clear idea of what is expected of you. Don’t commit yourself to a salary or conditions that will make you unhappy. Remember, once you have accepted specific terms, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to amend them. So prepare yourself to negotiate wisely in your own behalf.

All The best, Take care of the guidelines and guidelines will take care of you


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